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East End Boys, West End Girls.

Here is a shot from a recent ‘style’ assignment. It turns out that Londoners are perfectly happy to stop and have their pictures taken, and will even impart insight with which to navigate London waters. Like, where to find good quality vintage gear at non-boutique prices. And where to get cool hats.
In other news, a vase self-destructed in my hands (not kidding, it exploded). Leaving me with a dis-gusting gash and very limited use of my left hand*. Which has made me very sloooow.
*Ok, ok, so it’s only on my thumb, and only an inch long. But it cut deep, to the bone. Shudder. Saty patched me up with 3M (that amazing entity!) butterfly stitches, my hero!

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  1. Steve
    Posted 2010/09/24 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    Wow. The hat shop even has the “buttons” button concept of S+P v1.0!

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