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London > Berlin > Stockholm und/och back.

Arrived home after almost two week’s worth of non-stop cozyness with our good friends, traveling through Berlin and Stockholm. They are on a plane back home, and we are here debating whether to power nap or suck it up and trawl through images.
First to Berlin to shoot the French band DoP. While our friends were safe in Prenzlauer Berg, Yasmin-the-journo, Saty and I were experiencing something altogether different in Kreuzberg. The shoot did not go according to plan, not exactly. On stage, DoP are drug-fueled rowdies. So, I was surprised to be greeted by the very hospitable and unassuming Clement, the band’s beats programmer. He was wearing a panda hat and a cozy grandma sweater. Damien, the keyboardist, was a couple of hours late. But that’s okay, because so were we. He, like us had been caught up in the most ridiculous of Berlin situations — a bomb scare that actualized. Yup. Oh, and did I mention that we had to circumvent police perimeters, scamper like refugees along the river, and hide out in a squat?! All while shooting in the lowest light conditions possible?! Swap mescaline for pisco, and it’s about as Gonzo as it gets. Full story soon.
We rounded off Berlin by hitting up the Bauhaus Archiv to check out a retrospective on one of our design heroes Hajo Rose, but were bummed to miss the Peter Lindberg show at C/O (we left it ‘il the last day and the line-up was snaking!). We also had a great time documenting our friend Toby and new German pals paint a huge wall (legal, I swear!), and with visits to our friends Dan-the-gallerist and Simina-the-DJ. And the BEST ramen of our lives! Maybe you don’t understand our excitement, but we could eat ramen every day of the week, and we haven’t found any ramen joints that are even mildly decent in all of London. Single tear rolls own my cheek. [If anyone has any reccos, please-oh-please-oh-please email us!].
Post ramen bliss, we were headed to a meatball stupor in Stockholm. The city that gave us Acne (we learned it’s pronounced ak-nuh, oops). We rented an apartment in Södermalm, armed with lists of must-see/do tips from local boys Aril Brikha and Daniel Carlsten – ‘tack!‘ to you both! The first thing we all noticed was how clean the air was. And then, how well everyone dressed! Once we got over the sticker shock ($8 CDN for a coke!), we were completely smitten with both the city and its people!
Saty and I had an assignment to do style portraits, and we wanted to photograph EVERYBODY we saw. I mean, even the children had swagger. We saw a little boy who was locked out of his house and crying, and the first thing we thought wasn’t ‘shit, is this kid okay?‘ but ‘shit, this kid is SOO well dressed!‘ Leather jacket rolled up to the elbows, long blonde hair, tank top and jeans. Rock ‘n roll incarnate, on a nine yr-old! Don’t be alarmed, we stuck around ’til he got into his home.
As for the rest of the citizens, their collective style was eye-opening. A little homogeneous, yes, but inspiring nonetheless. ‘Where did it come from?’ we wondered, ‘how did these magical people evolve?’ A visit to the Nordiska Museet‘s 300 years of Fashion exhibit provided some clues, as did that blustery cold wind.
Above are preview shots of the beautiful (and ever so slightly shy) people of Stockholm. We heart Svenska.

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  1. karen
    Posted 2010/10/14 at 4:52 am | Permalink

    look how shy they look! even in photographs, swedes look as shy and coy as in real life!

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