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In the sky and in the sand.

Here are a couple of photos we took of musician and actor Paul Kalkbrenner.
I guess you could say that Paul is a hometown hero – no exaggeration, everywhere we went in the city, we saw people sporting Berlin Calling t-shirts. His songs are melancholic, which suits my musical tastes perfectly, and is fitting of Berlin in general I think.
Some things we learned about Paul – he creates his tracks/arrangments live. That’s right, LIVE! He likes football a lot, aeroplanes, sauces, high top Adidas sneakers (preferably in gold), liverwurst … and a strange tonic named Underberg. He also rolls with very talented people – his brother Fritz (whose vocals echo in the track below), and his lady Simina are two. And, he has a documentary about him coming out this December.
Look how happy these people are [click to enlarge]! We bore witness as the track Sky and Sand sent thousands of fans into a frenzy when Paul dropped it during his set. To me, the song ranks up there with Radiohead’s Talkshow Host and DJ Shadow’s Can’t Go Home Again for it’s heart-tugging-ness. Have a listen!

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