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Hackney Hollow.

Headed to Hackney to Catherine’s going away party last night, but we nearly didn’t make it because the mist almost ate us. This was the first time I’ve experienced that super thick English fog, and it was f-r-e-a-k-y! I nervously joked abut heading into Sleepy Hollow (whaddya want, I’m a total chicken) while I ignored the creaky gates, deserted parks and ominously coloured streets.

On the way home, avec liquid courage, what was hella scary hours ago suddenly seemed poetic and lovely.
Waiting for our night bus (which for once did not smell like popcorn and piss, or fried chicken and vomit) I tried to convince Saty that I would make an excellent vampire by demo-ing my ‘speedy’ technique – basically, me running short distances super fast and sideways. I also serenaded him with this song, lodged in my head for some hours … from whence it came, I know not. Especially considering we were listening to Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith at the party, and not out of irony. Anyway, it’s amazing:
And speaking of Willow Smith, this is cute: Jimmy Fallon-pretending-to-be-Neill Yong … with special guest! Willow’s fans weren’t so impressed though, one fan wrote, “that second man has a voice that sounds like ashy knees.” Oh boy.


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