Photos by Hedi Slimane courtney love

Courtney Love, animated!

I pretty much loved Courtney Love*, until she made her candid disclosure last year – really, nobody messes with Gwen Stefani, she is THE best. Love lost some major points there. But, she’s interesting because she’s fallible (openly so). And also because her rock bitch attitude and dirty eyeliner go hand in hand with a love of pastels and frou frou. To the glee of many, she’s commissioned Michael Mouris to create this animated video – a story of her ‘style evolution’ – and it’s a-mazing/mental. Salvation is a Birkin Bag? Okay then. I love ALT’s lobster dinner! And the noodle love. Among other brilliant bits. Watch!
And more from Slimane:

* Saty and I differ on this, he says he pretty much hates Courtney Love, and is only midly amused by her train-wreck-edness … ‘and she killed Kurt!’ He does however luuuurve how batshit this video is.

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