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It’s beginning to look a lot like …

… Canada! The view out of our Finsbury Park window is looking much like the homeland. Which, at this time of year, looks like the hinterland.
London is crazy-pretty right now! The snow that falls here lands on top of rose bushes, leafy trees, etc. On our street, old and young are making snowmen, taking photos, chatting with neighbours … everyone seems actually happy, and this time I don’t think it’s because of my über-optimistic view of this city.

However, London really needs to get its shit together when it come to dealing with the snow. Biggest complaint: transportation ceases to exist! And I’m not talking about the hell that is Heathrow right now, more like, ‘whadayamean the buses aren’t running? Have you not heard of salt?!’ Saty and I are from a city whose transportation is comprised of two-and-a-half subway lines (yup! A U-shaped line, and a straight bit that cuts through the U!) and streetcars that run on unguessable timetables, and the most self-important asshole employees on the planet … if we’re taking taking issue with the TFL, it’s kinda shameful.
Also, a little weirded out that all transportation ceases to exist during Christmas – how do people get home to their fams? Thank-baby-Jesus that our Xmas eve/day plans will have us making the (arduously long) trek down the street to the cozy Aud-Les-Stian residence. Where we will all proceed to drink and eat until we develop gout.

P.S. After aforementioned drinking, I will mostly likely get weepy about how much we miss our amazing friends … sniffle, sniffle.

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