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LFW: Faces of Fashion

Fashion week is o-vah! Reviews have been cast and stories have been filed! “Time to tune back into the real world – and catch up on political paradigm and plate-tectonic shifts,” is the last thing I wrote in my Daily Diary entries for Plaid Magazine. I spent the week (which is six days actually) covering shows, taking photos, and meeting a great deal of [good looking] people. In the following days we’ll be putting up some shots of our favourite Faces of Fashion Week, starting off right now with portraits of some of today’s best-known style snappers & taste makers – admit it – how many of you started dressing a little better after these guys came on the scene?

This is Garance Dore

This is Nahm, Phil Oh & Tommy Ton

This is Scott Schuman

This is Susanna Lau aka Susie Bubble with Yu Masui


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