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London Bwoy: Nasir Mazhar

This photo was taken at London-based milliner Nasir Mazhar’s Autumn/Winter presentation (I love how the Brits say ‘autumn’ instead of ‘fall’ – how much more romantic!).
Mazhar is a soft-spoken milliner with a penchant for raunchy rap – go figure. Apparently this collection was inspired by Lil’ Kim, but sooooo much about it reminded me of the Missy video shown below (one of my faves of all time, even though it features the Da Brat).
Set under club-y lights with models standing stoically still, there was something a little menacing about the show (despite one of the models wearing a FRUiTS-esque pink plush cap on her head). And there is clearly a ‘London’ vibe about the collection, particularly East London with its mix of dirty-pretty things, track gear and Tower Hamlets. And the bucket hat? Let’s just say that his clientele is more Lady Gaga than the ladies of the Royal Ascot. Although
Lest you think all of Mazhar’s hats are for exhibitionists, you should know that his signature piece is the tidy box-peak cap – hella cool and – considering its early 90s roots – timeless. But, this season’s staple is a super covetable sporty, militaristic visor … with a classic drafting pencil built in above the ear! Part-Haliburton mercenary, part math nerd!


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