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I love the nightlife…

Strange little party on a Saturday night! Milliner Piers Atkinson, Jonny Woo and Anklepants – a singer with a prosthetic penis face – were all spinning/playing at the House of Organza party. In a space that’s an African fabric store by day! I heart Dalston. This night is not for the easily claustrophobic, the club is tiny and the only place to get fresh air is in the smoking room. Which (luckily?!) isn’t a room so much as a tiny square with a door and a missing roof. Also, take your own toilet paper, and a friend to guard the door [read: shower curtain]. Cheap(ish) beers, happy people and DISCO p-r-e-t-t-y much equals a good time.

Piers & pal

Maje-ah lazer

Carmen, “like the opera”

Anklepants aka Reecard Farché

A Man Da Pet



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