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Um, I take it all back.

Soooo…yeah…forget what I said about UK ads being better than Canadian ones. At least in Canada we weren’t subjected to our musical heroes spokesperson-ing car insurance. Only nonsensical geckos. Maybe it’s a good thing that Strummer is dead? I think I’d be really sad if I saw him promoting insurance as a path to coolness. With a Treasure Troll-like effigy. ‘Saving it rocks’ — ?!
Oh boy.

P.S. I just found out that Iggy is a really good golfer. Is that old news? Apparently, his handicap has been as low as 7 (guessing this is impressive). And, that he was once kicked off  a golf resort resort for demanding that security bring him his valium midway through a round. That’s more like it.


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    the way you have it cropped without the car insurance heading, i initially thought it was a PSA, for saving your virginity! As the problem over there with all the baby making going on with the young ones. Iggy for virginity, who would have thought?

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    Saty, love the blog, love the new website. Love the photos. Truly inspiring, especially the Japanese folks by the canal. But the politico geek in me got distracted, So, a few things about the first few posts you made.
    1. The island you are on is not called UK. The one you are on is called Great Britain – and even that name is a collective term for the 6450 islands that make up the area.
    The UK is the name of the state. In all, the UK has about 50 islands more than Great Britain, including as it does Northern Ireland and all its useless bits of geographic junk.
    I don’t think the Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey are included in this UK figure, as they are independent, and have separate governments, although the Queen is head of state (maybe they are therefore a bit like Canada!).

    Keep up the good work.

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