Lazy Saturday in the East.

As is true in hip hop, East Siiiide is the best side. After interviewing Theo Adams for It’s Sort of OK magazine on Saturday, I pretty much spent my entire afternoon traipsing the streets of Hackney, Broadway Market and Dalston.
I had planned on taking the bus straight home, but was loathe to step out of the sunshine. This was likely the nicest Easter weekend that London has known, weather-wise. ‘Sundress Weather,’ in fact – Saty’s term for the time of year when girls first pull skimpy gear out from hibernation … and everyone turns into a happy pervert. Anyway, I thought I would walk for a bit … but this somehow  turned into three hours! How?! Well, Theo’s studio is on Hackney Road, which is really close to Hackney City Farm, which is fairly close to Broadway Market, which is kinda close to Kingsland Rd … which is not really close to home but I like to pretend it is. So, instead of going home and being tethered to my computer like I was supposed to be, I ended up eating an ice cream cone, gawking at people’s front yards, wishing I had some company, but ultimately feeling like a totally lucky shit for living in this amazing city!
The above is one of my favourite songs of all time! I actually like this better than the Neil Young original (is that very horrible?!). It was in my head all day Saturday, and now it can be in yours.

Man (possibly) BBQ-ing a fur jacket, Hackney Rd.

Chickens! In Hackney City Farm.

This one’s a show-off.

The fattest/biggest/hairiest pigs I ever seen in my life! Look how big they are!!!

The top of Goldsmiths Row. Bit Dickensian looking, no?!

Cute restaurant in Broadway market.

Ogling Other People’s Property


A cute dress for Thekla, our friends’ brand new baby, from Broadway Market.

A string vest for me-self from Ridley Rd Market in Dalston. When in Rome. It looks completely shit on … but I love it!


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