Flying pint glasses.

Soooooo…people get utterly, unimaginably drunk and then throw their glasses. Grown people. Football hooligans and bankers alike. At strangers, at their mates, at walls. The Home Office says “…there remain 87,000 violent incidents involving glass each year…” Yeah, kind of terrifying. So much so that this was commissioned.
We experienced this display of projectile drinking-ware for the first time on a night out with Aliza (our first visitor, but a London veteran). The group we were with seemed unfazed by the explosions in the background, but when probed, admitted they were a little freaked out too. Later, the drunker we got, the less we cared about the imminent danger. We didn’t ever get to the point of hurling our own glasses. But our entire group submitted to a demand for a conciliatory group hug from a banker at the next table that was gutted that Saty’s hat didn’t look as good on him as it did on Saty.
That place closed, and army of broomed men came out to clear the glass from the cobble-stoned patio, and we hit a low-ceilinged place to dance! dance! dance! See Aliza’s End Of Night face for details.
Then these zombies, present company included, find their way to the night bus, and a millenia of DNA and learned behaviours (and Transport For London) converge to somehow get everyone home safely.
P.S. Yesterday, from our view out out the night bus we saw a business man hiding behind the (clear!) bus shelter, pooing.


  1. Marshmellow
    Posted 2010/08/07 at 2:42 am | Permalink

    it’s either clear bus shelters or roomy sweatpants. :(

  2. Pratha
    Posted 2010/08/07 at 7:02 pm | Permalink

    hahaha! I just told that sweatpants/throwing story to someone! Grosssss!

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