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Show: House of Organza

Last night saw the launch of House of Organza’s A/W Muse collection. Now in it’s third season, House of Organza, is the love child of Kim Howells and Lyall Hakaraia’s brains. Together they curate a crew of talented British designers and artists – Piers Atkinson, Fred ButlerCraig Lawrence, Patternity, Dr. Noki and Lyall himself – to produce a collection that is bit more art than fashion. Read: Pieces that would look ILL to shoot.
Alun Davies did the streamlined set design for the show (which explains all those mannequins in the bathroom that time), and if you’d like to borrow any of the pieces you can get a hold of them via Ella Dror PR. Word.
Apart from the splitting redbull headache I had the next morning, it was a lovely, lovely time with mucho eye candy. Head south of the river and check it out for yourself.
The show runs July 1-3 at Red Bull Studios
155-171 Tooley Street, London, SE1 2JP

Gloves by Craig Lawrence

Fred Butler

Fred’s piece (and at top)

Kim Howells

A Man To Pet

Wall murals by Rosy Nicholas

Kirsty Mckenzie pon de floor, dancing to A Man To Pet.


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