Photo by Hedi Slimane garage-magazine-shauna-taylor-damien-hirst-tattoo

Rich, connected people make a magazine. And it’s good.

If you’ve been to our house you’ll have noticed that we have a crack-like habit for magazines. There’s been too many a holiday where we’ve had to buy an extra suitcase to cart all the new mags we were hauling home … and one day you might find us flattened under a pile of these, just like those cats were on Hoarders. The latest publication in these dangerous stacks is Garage Magazine.
Garage is the new baby of Dasha Zukhova and a whole crew of art and fash-world ‘celebs’; Shala Monroque, Giovanna Battaglia, Mike Meiré, Joan Juliet Buck are a few. But forgetting the name-droppy, human-resources angle, let’s get back to what matters – content! Aesthetics! This mag is a good mix of ‘pretty’ and scrap-book cool … a bit 032C, a bit BabyBabyBaby. This premier issue comes in three different covers, the best of which features a peel-off sticker (à la Velvet Undergound!) that reveals a tattooed Damien Hirst work on a young illustrator’s … um, let’s just say that the American Family Association would not approve.
On the subject of tats, this is one of the more interesting stories in the mag, exploring the idea of what art is worth. Tattoos of works by name-droppy famous artists (Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, Dinos Chapman, etc.) are inked onto willing participants, and then photographed by Hedi Slimane. Pretty good deal if you’re one of the bodies I think … if ever strapped for ca$h money, they could always sell their arm, neck, poon, etc. – their skins being home to priceless works of art, after all.
Below are some fave spreads. And the great reveal.

Et voilà!
Remind you of anything???
Everyone steals from Guy Bourdin, whether we mean to or not.

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