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From Hoop Skirts to Helmut Lang.

Early this week we made a spur-of-the-moment decision to go on a day trip, and we basically went back in time. To Bath.
Bath is a gorgeous city, and the scientific, architectural and cultural accomplishments of its ghosts will certainly awe you. But, if you have 12 hours to kill like we did, it can start to feel quite small! We were happy to find that Bath has a fashion museum – well, mostly because we were being snobs and thought it could be funny (togas? gladiator sandals?).
Word of advice – focus less on the contemporary collections (such as the seemingly random display of Helmut Lang garments) and concentrate more on the museum’s collection of historical clothing! The displays of dresses, suits, shoes, fabrics, lace, accessories and embroidery offer up plenty of eye-candy. If you care at all about craft, workmanship, etc., (and who are you if you don’t?!) you would definitely enjoy yourself here. At Bath’s Museum of Fashion. Yup.

Decades of Wedding dresses. And a somewhat Miss Havisham-looking crew of ‘brides’.

A Zandra Rhodes wedding dress circa 1980. Oh dear.

Would totally rock these.

If you’re so inclined, you can play dress-up with hoop skirts.

The Silver Tissue dress, circa 1660, is the oldest dress in the collection.

Every year, a fashion expert chooses one dress for the Museum’s collection. This year’s is a Vivienne Westwood gown, chosen by Stephen Jones.

Hahah, a mannequin from the Helmut Lang Collection has a tribal tattoo!

And, look! A Kate Moss mannequin?

So, next time you’re in Bath (?!), check out the Fashion Museum. It’s free to go if you have an National Art Pass, and at the very least it’s probably better than the Jane Austen Center.

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