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Monkeys eating parrots, and other curiosities.

Halfway through our shoot with the Danish beauty Kamille, I noticed the print she was dressed in. ‘Um, is that monkey eating a life-sized parrot?!’ I asked the stylist.
“It’s Walton Ford,” said Russell, in a “um, obviously.” tone. He was pretty surprised I hadn’t heard of the artist before, and so was I – monkeys and parrots are two of my favorite nature-bits, especially when there’s a sinister element.
Now that I’ve spent too long googling him, I can tell you that he’s an American watercolour artist who paints dark re-imaginings of fauna – images in the vein of nature painters such as John James Audubon and the curiosities commissioned by Albertus Seba. My non-MFA-based position? I think Ford’s amazing! His work looks beautiful and the subject matter is clever – paintings are usually layered with political barbs at the stupidity and viciousness of us humans. And the thing I find most impressive? The aforementioned plus his works being physically MASSIVE. It is ridiculously hard to paint in that scale in watercolour – it’s transparent man – meaning NO room for error. See? Amazing!
Below are some Ford images:

Click to enlarge, this one’s a beauty!

Close up of the image on the shirt:
Model is Kamille H. from IMG.
Styling by Russell Philip Peek
Make-up and hair by Jun Sato
Kamille wears Mother of Pearl x Walton Ford shirt

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