Image from The Skin I Live in by Pedro Almodovar. The-Skin-I-Live-In-almodovar

Movie: The Skin I Live In.

Last summer, every time we turned the corner at Highbury tube station we came face to face with the frighteningly cool poster of Pedro Almodovar’s The Skin I Live In. Such a great design, I actually felt anxious looking at it! Plus, that paint treatment! Very cerebral and old-school in its positioning.
Despite the impression left by the poster and our wee soft spot for Almodovar, we put off seeing it because of all the lukewarm reviews by our mates. But, we were so stupid! Saty and I watched it a couple of nights ago and I am still thinking about it. It is a really enjoyable film — flawless from a cinematography and art direction standpoint, and not nearly as ‘oh god, he didn’t just do that’ as some of his other films. All of the actors are perfect, even Banderas, who I am never excited to see. The plot is quite solid too, having most of the same themes as his other films – sex changes, mothers, sons, domination, etc. – but in a much cleaner way than usual. There are no miniature silent-film men climbing into lady-bits in this one! The humour is quite subtle too – that tiger! The only part I found ‘illogical’ is the issue of the dress towards the end, but I won’t go into that more – in case you too are stupid and haven’t seen this yet!
Below are some screen caps of our favourite scenes. Stunning, a bit reminiscent of Russ Meyer films. Oh, and Gaultier designed the costuming, which totally make sense. One more name to drop – Juan Gatti, Almodovar’s long-time collaborator, designed both the Victorian, anatomy-themed teaser poster, as well as the official one.

Even the titles are slick.

Dogging. Rich, Spanish people stylee.

The stunning teaser poster. It is hidden in the movie as well.

Ew, Antonio is wearing MBTs! Oh, but Pedro is rocking Prada. Photo from IMDB.

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