BP Portrait Awards.

If you are in London anytime in the near future, check out the National Portrait Gallery. If you are a cheap-o, go on a Thursday or Friday after 6 pm, as it is free. And there is a live DJ. And alcohol. And make sure to saunter into the Portrait Awards exhibition.
I’ve always loved portraits, partly because I am vain, and partly for the voyeur aspect. Hopefully Peggy will paint me one (hint, hint). The ones in the show right now are completely wonderful! Our favourite wasn’t one of the winning portraits, but was the one that stood out to us the most — Blue Coco by Shaun Downey. A Torontonian! Because I am ultimately a consumer, and always end up in gallery gift shops, I bought a postcard of it before even heading in to the show.
Strange coincidence, while I was waiting for Saty to finish his rounds of the paintings, I saw a really cute couple chatting outside. I was staring at the girl, because she was strangely pretty and had a great face, when I realized she was the subject of the painting! She was Blue Coco! We got to chatting, [Me: I just bought a postcard with your head on it!], and I made her pose in front of the big banner outside with her face on it.
If you go, please tell us what you think of the winning portrait.

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