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Look book: Colette Vermeulen

A few pics of our look book shoot for Colette Vermuelen’s SS’13 are up on Fashion Gone Rogue today.
Shooting editorials, we see so many samples that looked amazing on the runway, but are quite poorly constructed up close … in contrast, we were blown away by the technical quality of Colette’s collection. And the cohesiveness – no piece feels extraneous, and what should be a jarring colour palette (purple, hot pink and green? Yeesh) is actually very beautiful and harmonious.
I can’t picture anyone NOT liking this collection. Classic masculine shapes (trenches, motorcycle jackets) become more femme via their materials, and ‘classic’ itself gets a re-think (the trenches are slashed, as are the shirt dresses, the skirts ever-so-beautifully frayed). There is something for all tastes, and a healthy shove to cross-dress – a classy lady might be tempted to wear a jean jacket (the horror!) because it’s lavender and beautifully embroidered. Likewise, someone who normally dresses in a Scandi, nihilist fashion might be tempted into wearing a jewel tone because the cut of a blouse is so damn clean!
For me, what I like best about this collection is that it’s just so smart. I don’t think fashion is as big a political tool as some make it out to be, but often times a bit of the atmosphere or tension in an environment does make it’s way into a collection. Here, pieces that look so rich on first impact – clothes that are reserved for occasions – show a worn-ness and decay on second look. How fitting of the climate and mood in London. And all without the use of the ubiquitous spikes n’ studs.
Colette Vermeulen, you’re gonna to want to keep an eye on this one.
Styling by Chad Burton
Make-up by Tomohiro Muramatsu
Hairstyling by Masato Inoue
Model is Bryjna Jónbjarnardóttir at NEXT

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