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Behind the scenes: A Bob Story

Cleaning out my drives and came across the casting videos and behind-the-scenes for our recent i-D story. We were shooting both film and stills on this project so I didn’t get to take as many spy pics as I’d have liked, but here’s a tiny peek at our wicked team at work.

Paul lent us a test wig for the castings, and then laughed his ass off when he saw how we’d styled it. Yeah, so, we probably wouldn’t cut it as hairstylists!

Eddie working on the Mondrian-inspired set

Sophie’s selection of 60s mod-inspired nails. Look at the little bob faces! THE best!

Drew and Kusi on rare downtime. Btw, this is also Drew’s ‘lighting test stand-in’ face :)

Debbie make-ing up Diana

Hélène (trapped!) gets a touch-up. Dress Peter Pilotto, nails by Illustrated Nail

Paul taking Diane from long and blonde to bobbed and black

Gorgeous Hélène in Valentino Red, Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and a bowl bob.

Butch wig head.

Chad and Burger with Terrence-the-cat. Just about the biggest diva we’ve worked with.

Casting pic: Hélène Desmettre at Elite

Casting pic: Diana Farkhulina at Premier


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