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Exhibition: Parviz Shapour

NYC friends, please swing by this exhibition of work by Saty’s great uncle, poet-philosopher-caricaturist Parviz Shapour (1924-2000).
Here’s a bit of a bio, but I’m not sure how accurate it all is – of all the crazy/lovely tales Saty’s granddad has told us about his brother, being Minister of Finance was not one of them! Will have to verify that one. And here’s a little bit by the BBC on the show (um, it’s helpful if you understand Farsi).
Aside from a familial bias, we are in awe of his work; his words are beautiful in a cut-to-the-chase kind of way (well, as compact as you can be in Farsi, the floweriest language of all!). And the simple line drawings and subject matter actually make my heart hurt a little. Some common themes are cat, fish, men, women, and hangers – but my most favourite are the variations on safety pins. Such a humble, everyday object is given such sweet little personalities.
Here are a few favourites scanned from various inherited books.

And a self-portrait.


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