Photos by Tim Walker From 'Vogue Pantomime.'

Tim Walker, director.

Tim Walker produces images that people remember. And now … wait for it…he’s directing a film! A short about a girl — and a mysterious Victorian explorer who pops up in the bottom of her garden (Brits are always finding things at the bottom of their yards; the Poddington Peas, the Cottingley Fairies … and immigrants?). The movie is called The Lost Explorer, and is based on a story by Patrick McGrath.
Now, Walker has wonderful ideas, and his execution is flawless, but a giant chunk of the visual impact of his shoots comes from his collaborators. Sets built by creative minds such as Simon Costin, Alexander McQueen’s former art director.
I’m in love with Shona Heath, set designer for Vogue. In many of Walker’s shoots, Heath is the one steeply tasked with realizing the fantastical sets and magical bits. The two team up again for this film, and I’m sure it will be Tom-Ford-good. It will be released on DVD
next year.
A selection of my favourite Tim Walker photos can be found below.

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  1. karen
    Posted 2010/08/15 at 2:09 am | Permalink

    ah. the pictures. all so you!

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