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Amazing Day.

While I absolutely despise the ubiquitous and blathery RIP bloggings that follow a cultural personality’s death, I feel like I have to post something about Corinne. News clippings here, here and here.
Day was our and especially my [it’s Saty writing] favorite shooter of her generation –the 90’s arty reactionaries that questioned the über stylized and plastimacized fashion photography formula. Yes, there is cultural significance in her befriending and building a body of work with Kate, but her overall contribution to the medium goes further. There’s an unobtrusive polish to her stuff that separates her from many other ‘shoot-it-like-it-is’ shooters.
We’ve had very few shoots where the mood-board hasn’t included at least something from Day. Unfortunately we didn’t bring over a scanner to the UK so I can’t include mag tears but here are some favorites from the inspiration vault:

PS – if anybody is looking for super brownie points, find me a copy of Diary for Christmas. It’s quite the unicorn of a book and I’ve only gone through it once (at a reference library). It really is quite exceptional.

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