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Tarred and Feathered.

Cleaning through my photos of London to date, I found this one, taken when the Acne flagship first opened in London. Stealthily, no photography allowed. I gathered that many Londoners were pretty stoked about this event. Me, I didn’t know any better, considering it and I arrived at about the same time.
The shop looks like a typical Mayfair townhouse. Only, gutted by minimalists, who then turned around and put their highly edited wardrobes on display, “… oh, I’ll just stack my four black sweaters in this single glass case.” Result: the shop is beautiful and gallery-like. But clean in a way that is the antithesis to its Pandora’s box neighbour, the Dover Street Market.
You get the feeling that the Acne team’d prefer you to hang around, rather than buy anything. Enjoy the space and the art (clothing and visual). Amongst these few artworks is this tarred and beheaded series of eagles by design hero Helmut LangThree 2008 Mahogany/Tar. So fitting, these figures in this space! They are much better in person, I don’t think that my photo does them justice. I really wanted to take them home, completely improbable, but the urge was strong.
P.S. Acne Studio London is located at 13 Dover Street.

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