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The Turner Prize & The Coral Reef.

A visit to the Tate Britain results in an unexpected experience.


The English winter.

The more pleasant aspects.


Anton Corbijn talks!

Definitions of people and time.


An illustrator’s influence.

René Gruau and the Line of Beauty at Sommerset House.

saty pratha nails

Hackney Hollow.

Hello mist, goodbye Catherine.

saty pratha henry tonks facial drawings

Face of Battle.

Lest we forget how shitty it actually is.

saty pratha russell simmons

Russell Simmons. Word.

Russell Simmons's first international D.E.F Ball.

saty pratha Erdem

Angst & colour clash: Erdem talks art.

Ten art works that influence the designer.

pratha samyrajah geisha

Future Beauty.

The Japanese were always light years ahead of the rest, as this Barbican show proves.


Batty Bass 4th Anniversary Jam

Chooons and photos make nice.

saty pratha brunch

Old friends in a new city.

Absence makes the heart grow hungrier.


LDF: Pain and Objects

Sojourn Posse Presents.