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Exhibition: Parviz Shapour

A new show of work by a wonderful poet and caricaturist ... and Saty's great-uncle!


Interview: Rhea Thierstein

A studio visit with Rhea Thierstein – art director and set designer-extraordinaire – for Quint Magazine.


Rich, connected people make a magazine. And it’s good.

Garage Magazine. Word.


Monkeys eating parrots, and other curiosities.

A recent shoot leads to a discovery –- the paintings of Walton Ford.


From Hoop Skirts to Helmut Lang.

So ... Bath has a fashion museum.


Show: House of Organza

House of Organza's A/W Muse collection.


Village of the Dolls.

An exceptional film about Mark Hogancamp, an artist immersed in his own world after coming back from the brink of death.


Art + Fashion + Identity at the Royal Academy.

Clothing as identification. Kind of obvious.


The Turner Prize & The Coral Reef.

A visit to the Tate Britain results in an unexpected experience.


An illustrator’s influence.

René Gruau and the Line of Beauty at Sommerset House.

saty pratha henry tonks facial drawings

Face of Battle.

Lest we forget how shitty it actually is.

saty pratha Erdem

Angst & colour clash: Erdem talks art.

Ten art works that influence the designer.