Courtney Love, animated!

courtney love

"I wanna be dignified! Why can’t I be dignified like Chris Martin from Coldplay?!"

An illustrator’s influence.


René Gruau and the Line of Beauty at Sommerset House.

Hackney Hollow.

saty pratha nails

Hello mist, goodbye Catherine.

In the sky and in the sand.

Paul kalkbrenner saty pratha

Paul Kalkbrenner works the crowd.

Face of Battle.

saty pratha henry tonks facial drawings

Lest we forget how shitty it actually is.

Russell Simmons. Word.

saty pratha russell simmons

Russell Simmons's first international D.E.F Ball.

Angst & colour clash: Erdem talks art.

saty pratha Erdem

Ten art works that influence the designer.

Future Beauty.

pratha samyrajah geisha

The Japanese were always light years ahead of the rest, as this Barbican show proves.

Paris s’éveille!


In between drinking six bottles of wine, two bottles of champagne, and can't-remember-how-many mojitos, we did all manage to get some, um, culture.

Somebody to Love.


So good it makes our hearts hurt!

New age fun with a vintage feel!


Time for a video break!

London > Berlin > Stockholm und/och back.

saty pratha stockholm

Liebe Berlin, kärlek Stockholm!